Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Fall Order Time!

It's Fall Order time everyone!! I would like to get an order placed by the end of next week, so I'm opening up the pre-order process. If you don't have my most recent price list, please email me (ljgreenstreet@gmail.com) and I will send you one. I won't be placing another large order for another 6 months, so now's the time to stock up on your whole grain needs! I will be keeping some stock on hand, but only 45# buckets, so if you prefer the less-expensive 50# bags, you will need to order those now.

On my new price list, you will notice that Wheat Montana is now offering an organic option on most of their grains. Even if you're not an organic enthusist, you will find Wheat Montana products to be superior whether they are organic or not. All of their non-organic products are certified chemical and pesticide free and always have been. So you can be assured you have a great product either way.

If you don't yet own a Bosch or Nutrimill, Kitchen Resource has lowered the prices on these great products and I have passed along those savings to my customers. If you don't know much about either of those products, please give me a call. I'd love to sing their praises to you! Kitchen Resources has also added back into their product line a coffee/seed grinder that is a really good one. It's great to have an extra one on hand so you don't have to use the same one for grinding coffee beans and your flax!

At the end of this month, I will be traveling to the Kitchen Resource convention to check out what's new in their product line and just learn for myself more about what they already have that I need to be more educated on myself. For instance, Kitchen Resource has a wonderful pressure cooking system. They come in all sizes--small to large. And they're not like the pressure cookers of old--the big heavy ones. They are light and there is much you can do with them in preparing quick healthy meals for your family. I am able to order them now . . . I just don't know much about them, so hopefully I'll learn something I can pass on to you. If you are interested in the BRK pressure cooking system, you can check out the Kitchen Resource website . . . www. kitchenresource.com.

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