Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Bread Class Anyone??

This summer was a crazy one! We married off our daughter Natalie to her high school sweetheart Xavier on June 19 on a beautiful, though rainy, day in Wasilla, Alaska. And yes, the wedding was still outdoors. We celebrated with good Texas barbecue and really the only people that weren't comfortable were the Texans! All of our wonderful Alaskan friends just came dressed for the event and it was beautiful!

So we were gone for the entire month of June and it feels like we've just been catching up the rest of the summer. But I think now we're starting to feel like life is returning to normal. So . . . I think I feel a bread class coming on :-).

Whose interested? If you would like to attend a 2-hour class where we learn together the art of whole grain bread making from milling to baking, please email me (ljgreenstreet@gmail.com) and let me know. Also let me know what timing works best for you and I will try to tailor classes to fit all of our schedules. Is morning, afternoon or evening best? Weekends or weekdays? Just let me know!

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